At Personal Finance Abc’s, we serve you through the actual financial planning process. We offer our clients a five step approach in ensuring all their unique needs are catered for. This we conduct through:

  • Assessment

At this step, we conduct all possible enquiries on your personal information, your income, spending habits, savings approach, financial goals and finally, your retirement plans. This step helps us know you better as an individual and we also get to understand your financial aspirations.

  • Goal setting  

Here, we help you settle for your goal. Whether you want to start a new business, save up for college fees for your child or you want to travel around the world after retirement, we take into consideration and advise you accordingly. Our staff is highly experienced in assisting clients to realize their financial goal. We do not impose our ideas on our clients but we help nurture their goals through encouraging them to opt for long term solutions that will work.

  • Creating a plan

After setting a goal, we help you draw a plan that will ensure you achieve your dreams. We do not use plans from other clients but we tailor make one that goes in line with your goals. You get to decide what goes into the plan while we are with you all the way to give you tips that will perfect it.

  • Plan execution

We don’t just formulate plans and leave them on paper, we actualize it. As Personal Finance Abc’s, we offer you a helping hand when working on the plan. If it is a small business you are starting, we are there to support you while you start and as it picks up, and we do the follow up. We preferably execute plans in phases so as to correct mistakes along the way.

  • Monitoring and evaluation

Like in every project, there is always a monitoring and evaluation process to follow up on the success and failures. Since you are our project, we also reassess the plan to see what is working and what is not and offer support. We want to see you succeed which is why we don’t leave you midway.


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